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Kirkus Reviews magazine LXXXXII, No 5., March 1, 2014 which is read by librarians, booksellers, publishers, agents, journalists and entertainment executives selects Novel. “Angels in the Silicon provides a reform framework into revitalizing the legal protection of children of high technology entrepreneurs. The truth of Silicon Valley revealed.” 







Author featured -The Talk of the Town Palo Alto Daily Post  8/13/13


Author describes Bill Clinton as part of the non-fiction aspects of the book and how Silicon Valley's technology cycle was destroyed by the political correctness agenda of the progressive CEO elites of Yahoo, Google, Apple. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOdbiECjT_k



U.S.A Electricity Generation

2003 Coal Powered = 51%

2013  = 39%

2003 Natural Gas =17%     

2013   = 27%

2013 Nuclear  =19.2%

2013 Hydroelectric  = 7.9%

2013 Wind =  2.9%

2013 Solar =0.04%

other =  3.6%   

EPA & Obama goal "kill coal" /

DOE "2012 fact?" 43% wind

2.3 cent/KW subsidy to end in 2026

CA electricity generation as of 2012


(Coal/Petroleum/Waste)= 21%

Natural Gas = 27.5%

Nuclear = 21%

Large Water Hyrdo =11%

Renewables =19%


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Clare Mullin, B.S.,M.A., TV host

Author of “Angels in the Silicon” 
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Author of "Angels in the Silicon"  



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Author of "Angles in the Silicon" 



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Richard T. Kusiolek was an early entrepreneur visionary of space related technologies in Northern California’s Silicon Valley architecting Digital Battlefields, Digital Broadband Cities, Wireless Permitting, and PowerCom Parks. Professor Kusiolek is a faculty adjunct professor with the University of Phoenix and for the last ten years has been a contributing writer for Via Satellite Magazine, UK Satellite Evolution Asia, Global Military Communications, APSCC, and China Communications (CIC). In 2013, Richard published his Novel, Angels in the Silicon, with Penguin/Pearson books. He writes about technology export laws, satellite applications, and mobility.


Professor Kusiolek is Managing Director for TransGlobalNet Consulting Group. TGN is a Global Strategic Management Consulting firm focused on the satellite, aerospace, and high technology domains. Professor Kusiolek served as the Senior Management Consultant for India’s Metamor Corporation, China’s Huawei Technologies, China’s National Aerospace/Aviation Base, Beijing’s Satellite Conference and Forum, Xian Aerospace Manufacturing Base, and as the General Manager and Director for China’s WeSoftware Corporation.





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